A competently designed production technology of the kitchen of the restaurant is the foundation of its efficiency.
Many factors influencing this ultimately influence its success. This is the speed of customer service, and the quality of service, and the convenience of the service staff and suppliers. And consequently, all that determines the economic efficiency of the entire restaurant.
Technological design also covers such an important aspect as a set of measures to ensure food safety.

We carry out professional technological design of public catering enterprises of any type. It could be a restaurant, bar, cafe or dining room. We will provide a ready-made technological project, which we will equip with high-quality equipment from Electrolux and Zanussi.
Our specialists will install and deliver the facility on a turn-key basis. We take care of all the worries about placing the order and supplying the equipment. In case you have your own project ready, we will help to equip it on the most favorable terms.