Certus Management Information System ™ (CMIS)

"Minimize costs, make maximum use of working time, and create a report on the work done well." These are the fundamental provisions that lead the list of wishes of any professional. The easy-to-use Certus Management Information System ™ - CMIS - helps you achieve them.

Features of the system:

CMIS is a professional software developed by ELECTROLUX for obtaining up-to-date information on the operation of your washing machines, Tumble dryers and ironings.
All this is generally designed to minimize your costs and optimize the performance of your equipment.

CMIS provides the following hardware information:

  • Statistics (hours of work, downtime, consumption figures *, machine use, total consumption, etc.).
  • Checking and logging the process (with receipt printing).
  • Periodicity of maintenance (actions are logged)
  • (CMIS helps to increase uptime three times).
  • Error warning (recommended actions).
  • Savings from the use of the system reaches 15%.

In a network connected to a computer, up to 30 machines can be installed.

  • All data submitted by CMIS can easily be transferred to other computer programs, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • CMIS was developed by laundry specialists for laundry professionals. This is what makes it so convenient. In fact, you only need the most basic PC skills to start using this software.

The latest version of the CMIS, can be found at