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Spare parts for laundry and kitchen equipment Electrolux (Zanussi)

The organic direction of our company's activity is the supply of spare parts for technological kitchen and laundry equipment Electrolux and Zanussi. Despite the fact that the main brand in our activity is Electrolux (Zanussi), our company is ready to help you in the supply of spare parts for equipment and other European manufacturers. Realizing the complexity and trouble of situations with equipment breakdowns, we will try to deliver the genuine spare part as soon as possible.

Spare parts for kitchen equipment Electrolux (Zanussi):

What you have to know for ordering spare parts, for kitchen equipment Electrolux (Zanussi):

In the request for spare parts for kitchen equipment (Electrolux, Zanussi) it is very important to inform us the following information:
  • PNC. This is the unique identifier of the machine and has the form of the type PNC9GDX ******* , where **** is a series of digits. You can find it on the factory nameplate - a label (label), usually located under the metal icon Electrolux (Zanussi) (sitting on the latches) on the front panel of the equipment or at the bottom, possibly on the side panel.
  • Model and Serial number of the machine. (Located in the same place, on the shilde)

This is explained by the fact that the plant carries out a constant modernization of its products, and even on one model of equipment, but with different serial numbers, there may be different spare parts .

In special cases, when an ambiguous result is possible in determining the required part based on the information reported by you, we will send you the so-called. The "SP Catalog" for this machine, so that your technicians can specify exactly what is needed.

Spare parts for laundry equipment Electrolux (Wascator)

The algorithm for searching for and identifying the part number for laundry equipment from "Electrolux" (Wascator) is described below.
(The SP-code (part number) is unique for each part and is its exact identifier).

  1. Open this link on-line Spare Parts Catalog
    (it will be open in the new tab).
    Note: you must have scripts and cookies enabled in your browser. If something does not work out, contact the system administrator, or check the browser settings.
    On the new tab of the browser, the window will appear as in the picture below (all the pictures are clickable - click on them with the mouse button):

    окно поиска
  2. In the specified field, begin entering your machine's model (for example W575H). The system will promptly display a drop-down menu in the form of a prompt. From this drop-down list, select the model with the index ELUX (ie Electrolux), or NY (Nyborg), WA (Wascomat). (Make sure to choose from the drop-down list!)

    окно поиска

    After selecting the model and clicking on it, click the Search models buttonAnd after a few seconds of waiting, you will see a diagram of the machine

  3. Having determined the necessary part by the scheme, in the left column by the position number we find its Part Number (SP Code). The number of the item indicates the number of these parts installed on the machine. By clicking on the "camera" symbol (if it is), you can look at the photo of the spare part.

    окно поиска
  4. In the request, you need to specify the SPARE CODE and the required QUANTITY. Sende this information to us and we will send you a commercial offer.
    All the parts supplied by us are only new, original (Genuine) spare parts received from the warehouse of the manufacturer of the equipment.